Thursday, December 4, 2008

If the auto Big 3 is a bad business model, which industries are better?

The Big 3 automakers don't deserve federal loans, say critics, because they have lousy production, sales and financial records and their restructuring promises are too little too late. So which other U.S. industry has a better business model, and can prove it by its composite stock performance or at least its last quarterly and yearly results ?


Investment companies?

Mortgage companies?

Real estate investment trusts?

Hedge funds?









Health care?

If you want to see how well (i.e. badly) any of these industries are performing, check out this chart.

Which of the most financially hurt companies in these industries have presented detailed restructuring plans that include their CEO's reducing their salaries to $1 per year until the firms' financial situations are turned around, as the Big 3 chiefs have pledged to do? If any companies from these industries have done so, I missed it.

If Congress turns thumbs down and forces the Big 3 into bankruptcy, that decision will create an economic cataclysm more severe than any of the worst recession scenarios that have been spread before us like upside down Tarot cards.

Astonishingly, newspapers and the rest of the media -- among the worst industry performers -- are clamoring loudest to gangplank the Big 3 into bankruptcy.

I hope they're spared what they wish on the Big 3.

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