Thursday, October 30, 2008

Obama talks to the "undecideds"; can McCain match him?

The Obama 30-minute infomercial was a shrewdly spent $4 million worth of campaign money. Its primary target was those "undecideds" who probably amount to less than 10% of the electorate, but because of the tightening race, may truly decide who will be the next President.

The main vibe I picked up from the show was that Obama is a guy who doesn't get rattled easily, if at all, even when the subject is what he calls America's biggest economic challenge since the Great Depression. With many Americans feeling the pangs of panic, those who tuned in or watched replays had to be struck to the calmness and steadiness that Obama projected.

With less than five days of electioneering left, the McCain campaign will have to act fast to make a counter-appeal to the undecideds. It'll have to be better than the "socialism" label that GOP ads have tried to pin on Obama. It should be woven around McCain -- why this war hero and courageous senator is the best person to be President in these dark times. It's a powerful message, but it may be too late to deliver it.

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