Saturday, October 18, 2008

Would you want an un-licensed non-plumber fixing your pipes?

It's understandable that conservative bloggers would defend Joe the Non-Plumber. But Hugh Hewitt's and Michelle Malkin are taking their case to ridiculous extremes. This is Bill Dyer aka Beldar on Townhall: "Why would Barack Obama think that someone running a successful small plumbing business might not be able to make as much as the $273k salary his wife made as an administrator for the University of Chicago Hospitals?" One obvious reason is that Michelle Obama prepared herself for such a job by earning undergraduate and law degrees. Joe Wurzelbacher, on the other hand, didn't complete the apprentice plumber's course he needs to earn the basic license that he needs to practice the craft in the State of Ohio. Wurzelbacher says he doesn't need a license because he works for a licensed plumber and does only residential work -- a claim that the plumbers' union and Lucas County, Ohio, authorities dispute. But in any case, would a homeowner be comfortable knowing that the guy fixing his leaking water pipes or hot water heater wasn't even a licensed apprentice, much less a journeyman? If Wurzelbacher can't complete the basic apprentice course, how can he be serious about buying the shop for which he works -- never mind how, with his $40,000 salary (according to court records), he'd be able to get even a government-supported SBA loan to buy and build a plumbing business that would earn him his goal -- $250,000+ profits.

Wurzelbacher is a great talker, but business-wise, he doesn't seem to know how to take the first step toward realizing his dream. As he himself says, "There's a lot I've got to learn." Instead of pumping him up as a heroic small businessman, why don't Malkin, Hewitt and his other idolaters lay off and let him learn?

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